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We supply to Perth and surrounding areas from north of Joondalup and from south of Mandurah. With all our inclusive 12 day Chick Hatching Education Programmes this display allows you to monitor and interact with the development of chicks from an egg.

Chick and Duck Hatchery Perth Picture

We deliver, supply and collect everything for the Chick Hatching Education Programmes. The incubator we use is very simple, we set it for you and no need for you to adjust anything, just sit back and watch them hatch. Also our lovely large brooder area gives you optimum viewing and plenty of room for the chicks to scratch around and display natural behaviour.

With all our programmes we will collect the chicks at the end of the programme. Alternatively, if you would like to keep the chicks we supply an information sheet on how to properly care for them in a free range environment. The main breeds of chickens that we presently use are the Hyline Brown. The reason we have the Hyline breed is that the sex of the chick is easily identified and they are great layers and are ideal for the backyard.

chick hatching strip perth

We Hatch Eggs Everywhere!

We supply to the Perth Metropolitan.

Use as a lifecycle classroom resource or at any other venue.

Hatch eggs at...

  • Schools
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Churches
  • Shopping Centres
  • Businesses (Bunnings)
  • SEDU units
  • Libraries
  • Child Care Centres
  • Vacation Care
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hostels
  • Special Needs
  • Family Homes

For more details, visit our Chick Hatching Programmes.

Health & Safety/Ethical Use of Animals in Schools

Our eggs come from government accredited hatcheries and parents are fully vaccinated, we have full public/products liability insurance and U Can Hatch Us supports the WA School Animal Ethics Committee in its endeavours to treat animals humanely. We provide ongoing support to assist you with any queries.