Bambara Primary School, Padbury

"Hi Rhonda,
Would love to use you again as the kids got so much out of the program last year. Just wanted to try and make a booking and was wondering if you had had a space around Easter time. Thanks for your time Rhonda. Kind regards Shelley Bambara Primary School Padbury 02/02/2016"

Shelley, Feb 2016

Maddington Primary School

"Hi Rhonda
13 chicks - all lovely-gorgeuos - the black one is so fluffy!! Can i ask - any chance we can keep them for another week- the only reason I ask is this year I have 2 groups of kindy & 1 group only comes 1 day a week - so this week monday & tuesday they saw eggs & cracking - but no chicks!...I recommend you to everyone..."

Maz Bather, June 2015

Rosewood Care Group

“Thank you so much for letting us have the chicks for the past couple of weeks, the residents really enjoyed them.

It's a great set-up, easy to look after and fun to watch.

We hope to have you here again another time.”

Dianne Shackles, West Perth, November, 2011


“Well I am pleased to announce that here at Maidens Park PS we are the proud parents of baby chickens. It has been such a rewarding experience that we even had a year 2 boy cry when he saw them hatching!
Thanks heaps”.

Maidens Park PS, Bunbury WA, September, 2011

Whitford Library

"Again many thanks for the eggs and chicks – our customers and staff enjoyed them!"Whitford_Library

Kind regards,

Sally Sibley, Librarian

Italian Aged Care, Marangaroo

"I am emailing you to thank you for your great service in providing the chickens for our royal show display. Our residents and family members (not to mention the staff!!) absolutely loved the experience.

Your service is very friendly and highly professional."

Claire Webster, Occupational Therapist, Italian Aged Care Inc, October, 2010

Marmion Primary School

"Hatching the eggs in our classroom proved an invaluable experience for our Year 1/2 children.

The service was great, with the eggs arriving  at the right stage to await hatching and the chickens being picked up after two weeks.

The learning that resulted from the experience can not be quantified, but for one little boy in particular it  was the motivation he needed to start writing. Having hands on expereience with the chickens resulted in him being able to write his own sentences and simple poems. He was then able to share these with others.

I would hightly recommend this program to any classroom."

Barbara Carter,  July 2009


"We have had such a great time with our little duck. The kids have loved having him and the chickens. They caused great excitement throughout the school. Thank you so much for the excitement you have brought our college."

Emma Reid, Teacher, April 2009

Mt Lawley Child Care Centre

"Having the chicks hatch in front of the children's eyes was a really highlight for them. They looked forwarded to coming in each day to see what was going on and especially to have a Little hold. Parents were ecstatic that we were doing such a great project with the kids and thought it was a wonderful experience for them, as many children would never get the chance to see the wonders of life begin. Thanks U Can Hatch Us."

Jody Cable, Director, November 2008

Living Waters Lutheran College, Halls Head

"Couldn't wait till you picked up the hatchery to tell you how much the students and enjoyed the whole chicken hatching experience.I, along with so many others in our school, have developed a keen interest in watching eggs hatch. It is an absolutely fascinating process and I had no idea the baby chickens took so long to emerge and were then so exhausted from the process. The Kindy, Preprimary and Year 1 students have all been able to make excellent use of the resources and produced some great language and artistic work. We will definitely be repeating the exercise next year. It is such great value for the cost. All the very best and once again, thank you for accommodating us at such late notice, you have been the consummate professionals and a delight to do business with."

Gaylia J Mitcham, Head of School, November, 2008

Seville Grove Library

"We hosted the baby chickens during the October school holidays. They were very popular with lots of people coming to the library to see them and many made a return visit to check on their progress. The chickens were a great way to get people to come to the library and the whole experience was very positive. Story times about chickens were held and one of the sessions happened to be right when some chicks were hatching. Parents and children also learnt about the hatching process, so it was educational too. Chicken colouring-in and activity sheets were supplied for families to take away. They were very easy to look after, extremely cute and a most enjoyable experience for our library staff as well as our patrons."

Shirley Reilly, Librarian, November 2008

Midland Library

"Hatching chick in Midland library is a big hit and "eggciting". For full two weeks children brought their parents on a daily basis to watch them. They saw the chicks growing, dringking and scrathing. Parents assisted the children to pick up the chicks from the display so they could hold and touch them. Feed back were very positive from all ages of our library patrons. Not only that the staff were all in love abd also want to have them again next year. Thank you Robyn and Rod."

Aniek Ragan, Midland Library, November 2008

Inglewood Library

"It has been fun having the chicks here in the library, just watching kids faces light up as you take them down to see the chicks is great. Having said that though, adults alike are also fascinated with them, sitting with them for a time when they are in the library. We would like similar next time, this has been a huge success as far as I can see."

Marie, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Scarborough Library

"We have had family after family coming to look at chicks, some returned to see if eggs had hatched. We sat two small chairs in front of the glass and children loved looking at them. We have enjoyed having them. A great success I would say."

Sheila, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Osborne Library

"I think it's been a fantastic success. The parents have got as much out of it as the children. The folder that U Can Hatch Us gave us was full of information that many a parent spent time looking through and then pointing things out to their children. Some of the comments I was given were: "What a wonderful idea, who thought of it?"; "I could just stand here all day watching them" and "What happens when it is time for them to go back?" And, of course, I loved having them too."

Barbara, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Inglewood Library

The chickens have been a huge hit. Customers have been asking when we'll have something similar again. The beauty of the chickens is that we have them for 2 weeks (approx) and people have plenty of time to see and enjoy them. The other animal sessions we've had in the past (like Old Mac's Farm) are great but they're only here for an hour or two then they're gone - and lots of people don't even get to see them as they're aimed at children. Everyone has been enjoying the chickens - definitely a hit. Do they do ducklings?

Sue, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Mirrabooka Library

I just wanted to let you know how positively the patrons responded to the chicks - not just children - everyone was very interested in them. As well as the enjoyment people got out of watching the chicks, they got people talking to each other so a good social exercise with people who would not normally chat to each other doing so over the chickens. I think this was a really great program and would be very keen to have something like this again. And, of course, the staff are all in love - we are going to miss our babies!

Nicole, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Karrinyup Library

It was great having the hatching chicks in the library. We had a lot of positive feedback from the kids and parents. Some kids were coming in regularly to see how the chicks were doing. We also had quite a few older people who loved it and were reminiscing about how they used to keep chickens. They were easy to look after and I think that there was enough information provided by U Can Hatch Us to help us with looking after them. Rod was easy to get hold of when I had a couple of questions so that was helpful. We had one of the oldest chicks jump over the barrier very early on and Rod picked him up and also brought some more hatching eggs in the second week as he had some ready by chance.

Karena, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Osborne Library

Chicks were a great success, and really no trouble at all. Would be good to do it every year, as the fascination watching them hatch mesmerised everyone. We all (staff) had a ball the first week as we almost had them to ourselves during the day. We also became very adept at clearing the Library on time so we could have a quick "hold" before going home.

Jeanne, Librarian

(May, 2008)

Padbury Community Kindergarten

We have had the incubator and chicks from U Can Hatch Us for 4 or 5 years now. They are always well organised and reliable. Their equipment is certainly suitable for kindergarten children to watch this wondrous life cycle. Every year we say "How amazing for any kids to be able to sit and watch a chick hatch before their very eyes!" Thanks Robyn and Rod.

Lorraine Quayle, Teacher

Morley Library

The chick hatching display was an absolute hit - with young and old alike! Even the teenagers were enthralled with them and loved just watching them, let alone picking them up. It certainly was an educational experience for all.

Kelly Hall, Youth Services Librarian

Private House

I would recommend U Can Hatch Us for any home as my children loved holding the chicks and watching them grow. I also found them easy to look after and they weren't at all noisy. My kids are still asking about them and when they are coming back.

Jaime, Ocean Reef